Our firm offers professional debt, insolvency, restructuring, and consulting services to corporations, individuals, and lenders throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. Our main services include Bankruptcy, Receivership, CCAA, Loan Monitoring, and BIA Proposals.


We have experience in a large variety of industries such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Automotive Dealerships, Construction & Contracting, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage/Restaurants, Trailer Parks, Forestry, Tech Startups, Retail & Wholesale, Trucking & Warehousing, Ski Resorts, Fishing, and Tourism.

We offer services in the following languages: English, Mandarin (普通话), Cantonese (廣東話), and French (Français).

Our Services

Lender Services

Our firm delivers a range of solutions tailored to secured lenders to deliver an appropriate response to a problem loan as well as provide available courses of action designed to refocus a problem loan situation, or if required to realize on underlying security.

Business Insolvency

Our firm and our people bring extensive expertise in a wide variety of industries, from small owner-operated businesses to large and complex business organizations. Our pragmatic, business-like approach is designed to bring timely and effective results for the stakeholders.

Services for Legal & Finance Professionals

We provide services to legal and financial advisors who are seeking to assist their debtors with financial challenges that threaten to stabilize ongoing financial viability.

Personal Insolvency

Having problems with personal debt? As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we offer a number of professional solutions.

Contact Information

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